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    DynEd International, Inc.

    Brief Description

    MyDynEd App is a mobile portal to access DynEd Study Records and resources for DynEd Pro. This application includes the ability to track DynEd English Certification progress, free assessment test, and launching all other DynEd Apps through this app. MyDynEd app also helps its user to find DynEd Pro School worldwide.


    Dyned International, Inc




    • UI & UX Design
    • Interface Design
    • Mobile Apps


    iOS & Android Application


    MyDynEd App was a project to redesign the previous version. Our designers had to change the layout from form-based layout into path-based layout. Finding those schools was featured in the app. How to find a school fast was a consideration knowing that DynEd International, Inc. has a lot of school partners all over the world. There was also assessment to place a user in the right level which was complicated.

    Our Approach

    Speaking of design, there were many changes that our designers had to exert their creativity to gain the best designs. They had to perform research and then apply it in the design. Teamwork plays an important role in this project that we needed to apply adjustment as soon as changes appeared.