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  • Mobile DynEd Website.

    DynEd International, Inc.

    Brief Description

    MDC helps students to view their progress in learning English. Displayed progress is based on applications used by students. This website also allows student to take or retake assessment. The result of the assessment will inform students which application should be taken by students. If assistance from the expert is needed, students can find the nearest partner schools using the website.


    Dyned International, Inc




    • UI & UX Design
    • Interface Design
    • Web Application


    Web Application


    Our client needed a portal as a gate that worked as an access to a new platform named mobile-dyned. This portal was intended to acquire a lot of users to use their application. And reporting students’ learning progress with different level skill was a big challenge because there were a lot of data that needed to be processed.

    Our Approach

    We believe that all people like to use powerful website. In addition to vigorous campaigns, we developed simple, responsive, accessible on all devices, fast and lightweight website without forgetting the security. We assure users’ comfortability in using our website. About the reporting, we translated the data into graph and chart to provide convenience to student to understand the progress of learning.