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    PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia

    Brief Description

    The application is to meet Operations (using RF handheld) requirement and support stock-take activity in warehouse. The app enables multiple round of review before the final count result is mutually agreed by both DHL and customer team. On top of that, customer team will also perform the physical count and the result will be compared to DHL team count result. The comparison of huge amount of data will be performed automatically for productive and effective process.


    PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia




    • UI & UX Design
    • Interface Design
    • Web Application


    Web Application


    The business process of counting cycle is quite complicated. Meanwhile, the application has to provide accurate counting. Generated report has to be as unmistakable as possible because existing reports refer to other documents. Warehouses of DHL are spreading across many areas with a lot of things to be counted and a lot of operator performing the counting making performance is the very important for the process.

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    Our Approach

    To understand the complicated business process, we must visit the warehouse to see the process of counting directly. The generated report is made as visual as possible with data that should be as real and accurate as possible. To guarantee the accuracy of data, the counting is performed repeatedly. And to improve the performance, we use query as effective as possible, reduce the use of external web resources, and design the application as simple as possible without subtracting the function of the application.