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    PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia.

    Brief Description

    PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia dedication to protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper is the background of building this mobile application. Operators usually record operational data on paper, which consume a large amount of paper. The operators also take a long time to process a task.


    PT DHL Supply Chain Indonesia




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    Android Application


    The business process of picking allocation is quite complicated. On top of that, the mobile application is expected to improve business performance. The narrow screen of mobile device and data that needs to be displayed are also challenges for our designers.

    DHL Picking App Android Color Palette
    DHL Picking App Android Element
    DHL Picking App Android Typography
    DHL Picking App Android Preview
    DHL Picking App Android All Screen

    Our Approach

    To understand the complicated business process, we must visit the warehouse to see the process of picking directly. The performance is improved by using query as effective as possible and reducing the use of external web resource. As for the design, the layout is made wide for the text to be readable, striking color is used so that operators do not misread the text, gesture is used to change screen, and wider space is applied to the placement of elements used in the application.